Why is Rana avoiding media?

Saturday, April 14th, 2018, 12:04:28 PM IST

Ever since Sri Reddy released a few intimate photos of her and Abhi Ram(Rana’s brother), the Daggubati family have been avoiding the media. The media has been eagerly waiting to gain some sort of clarification from Rana and Suresh Babu.

Recently, Rana attended a promotional event for Hollywood movie, Avengers. It is well known that Rana has lent his voice to the villain’s role(Thanos) in the movie. As soon as the even was completed, the media was waiting to speak to Rana about the incident.

However, Rana rushed away from the spot and did not utter a word about the happenings. The interesting thing is that both Rana and Suresh Babu are not reacting to the incident and that is raking up even more doubts on Abhi Ram’s acts.

There is no clarity on when Suresh Babu will come out and speak to the media about his son’s disgraceful acts.