Why did Pawan target Allu Aravind now?

Friday, December 8th, 2017, 12:39:28 AM IST

Power Star Pawan Kalyan created a major sensation during his speech in Rajamahendravaram as part of his Chalo Re tour in the twin Telugu states yesterday. In an unexpected move, Pawan Kalyan directly targeted Allu Aravind and made a few stunning statements.

Talking about Praja Rajyam Party s failure, Pawan termed Allu Aravind as the captain of the ship (PRP) and indirectly blamed him for the 2009 defeat. Pawan indirectly said that Allu Aravind didn’t act when the PRP ship was sinking.

Ever since Pawan’s speech went viral on social media, many people, including Pawan’s fans, are wondering why the Janasena chief bursted out all of a sudden after remaining tight-lipped for more than 8 years. On the other hand, Allu Aravind still maintains a deep bond with Chiranjeevi and everybody is clueless about Pawan’s personal issue with him.