Published On: Jul 25, 2018 6:13 PM IST

Why did Jagan risk it all?

It is already known that YS Jagan made some controversial comments on Janasena chief, Pawan Kalyan. The YCP chief’s sensational statements on Pawan’s personal life seems to have angered Pawan’s followers and that is very much evident on social media as they are fuming on Jagan.

A few political experts have been saying that Jagan has risked it all by criticising Pawan. They are feeling that the Kapu community voters will show their anguish in the following elections.

On the other hand, YCP followers have been saying that the offended voters would have voted for Pawan, irrespective of Jagan’s stand on Janasena. Also, YCP chief’s comments on Pawan’s personal life will not move an entire community. Jagan had to take this strong decision as TDP was repeatedly claiming that YCP and Janasena have joined forces. He had to make his intentions clear that he is not willing to take the support of any party, opine many people.

Has Jagan risked it all? We will know the answer to this question after the 2019 elections.