Why are TDP leaders so scared?

Wednesday, May 9th, 2018, 10:04:58 AM IST

Andhra Pradesh TDP leaders have started making random claims against Telangana chief minister, K Chandra Sekhar Rao. The main reason for their sudden change of attitude is KCR’s decision to reopen the CBI case on Es-TDP leader, Revanth Reddy, regarding the vote-for-note case.

Reportedly, the legal advisers have stated that Chandra Babu will be A1 accusee if further leads are achieved. KCR has asked the CBI officials to hold a transparent investigation and not to bow down for any kind of political pressures. For this reason, TDP leaders have started claiming that KCR has started revenge politics against the Telugu Desam Party.

Interestingly, Babu is claiming that his voice has been morphed into the audio clips. If that is the case, he has every chance of coming out clean, then why are TDP leaders scared of the CBI cases? Are TDP leaders scared that CBN will be proven guilty and will have to face jail time? We will get to know the answers very soon.

The latest news is that Chandigarh forensic department has confirmed that the audio clip of the conversation between CBN and TRS MLA, Stephenson is not morphed. This surely puts Chandra Babu in an irksome situation, said a few legal experts.