Published On: Sep 16, 2018 10:29 AM IST

Who is TRS party’s CM candidate?

BJP national president, Amit Shah made some fierce comments against the TRS party chief, K Chandrasekhar Rao. Speaking at a recent public meeting, Shah said that KCR is scared of the Jamili elections procedure and that is the main reason behind all these hurry-burry preparations for preponed elections.

Shah pointed out that KCR stated he will make a person belonging to the SC community as chief minister if the party comes to power in 2014 but failed to do the same. You already cheated the people by breaking a promise. Make an open statement and declare who will be TRS’s CM candidate this time.

Well, we have been hearing that KCR is intending to hand over the CM duties to his son, KTR and try his luck in national-level politics. If this turns to reality, we can witness some high drama in Telangana politics.

Also, the internal clashes within the party will surely take a toll on the party’s performance. With all this in mind, KCR will keep this issue under the sheets for now and wait for the right time to reveal his final decision.