Who is the winner of Box office this weekend?

Friday, March 23rd, 2018, 06:34:16 PM IST

This weekend is proving to be a busy fare at the box office. A total of 4 movies have hit the big screens today. Kalyan Ram’s MLA and Sree Vishnu’s Needhi Nadi Oke Katha are riding high on expectations. On the other hand, Aanandam and Rajaratham are dubbed versions from Malayalam and Kannada respectively.

Let us check what sort of impact these movies are having at the box office.

The Kalyan Ram and Kajal starrer released amidst huge expectation, thanks to some well-planned promotions. This movie was touted to be a family entertainer. However, the reports suggest that the movie runs at a dull pace. Routine content, beaten to death storyline can have an adverse effect on the movie. The movie may turn out to be an average fare at the B and C centers and will find it tough to reap profits.

Needi Nadi Oke Katha:
This movie turned enough eyebrows with its catchy trailer and first look posters. The movie is receiving encouraging response from the viewers. Surprisingly, the positive word of mouth is not helping the movie in registering good numbers at the ticket counters. The lead actor’s performance is receiving a great response and that may help the movie post-weekend.

The breezy entertainer came up with some youthful content. Sadly, below par promotional campaigns are taking a toll on the openings for this movie. Lack of familiar faces may affect the movie big time. The original flick was a decent hit in Sandalwood, but it wouldn’t be surprising if the movie tanks without a trace in the Telugu states.

The movie opened with below par to bad reviews from the critics. Lackluster story, unconvincing screenplay made this film a skippable fare for this weekend. Even Aarya’s presence could not save this unorthodox love story. Rajaratham may find it tough to sustain the race at the box office.

On the whole, Needi Nadi Oke Katha may emerge victorious for its realistic content. The movie is receiving a good response from the viewers and has every chance of picking up the pace. MLA can set the counters ticking at the B and C centers. The other two movies may face a miserable run at the box office.