When will you learn, CBN?

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018, 07:02:37 PM IST

Andhra Pradesh chief minister, Chandra Babu Naidu has ordered the party leaders to start preparations for the second Dharma Porata deeksha in Vijayawada. The first protest that was held on April 20th in the exact same venue and failed to make any sort of impact. In addition, the opposition parties made the most out of the debacle and heavily criticised Babu for his ‘one-day’ deeksha.

Recently, Babu held a similar protest event in Tirupati and expected a turnout of 1.5 lakh people. In reality, only 40% of the seats were filled and there was no proper response to the event. Surprisingly, Babu is having none of it and above all, planned for yet another deeksha.

CBN constantly claims that he has over 40 years experience in politics and has a great knowledge of national-level politics. With all the experience, why can’t Babu figure out that this deeksha strategy is not yielding any results? Is Babu planning all these protests just to stay in the news? Only time will answer these questions.