Published On: Jun 2, 2018 6:30 PM IST

What was this lady minister thinking?

Andhra Pradesh TDP leader, Akhila Priya, who is currently serving as a minister in AP cabinet has been in the news for a really long time now.
The on-going rifts between Akhila Priya and AV Subba Reddy created a political vacuum in the Telugu Desam Party. The issue was so very critical that Chandra Babu himself had to sit down with both the leaders and settle the political rivalry.

Speaking at Nava Nirmana Deeksha, Akhila Priya made some sensational comments on the BJP government. She said that the saffron party has failed miserably in providing proper security to the women in the country. On a shocking note, she said that BJP leaders were encouraging and standing behind the criminals who were committing crimes on women. These highly controversial comments have landed Akhil Priya in a huge controversy.

Confronting and criticising a political party is a common act in politics, but making highly controversial and baseless allegations on the ruling party in the country is not a good idea by any means. Political followers are saying that Akhila Priya has succumbed to the pressure of making some strong allegations on BJP by some TDP leaders. We should and watch if BJP leaders will let go of this issue.