What was Allu Arjun even thinking?

Friday, April 20th, 2018, 02:20:42 PM IST

Allu Arjun always claims that he is a part of the mega family and leaps huge praises on Chiranjeevi at every event. Interestingly, he conflicted with Pawan Kalyan’s followers, asking them to change their behavior.

Allu Arjun’s version may seem legitimate, but the way he handled the issue drew a lot of criticism from the mega followers itself. This caused a serious dent to Arjun’s image amongst Pawan’s fans. Surprisingly, he did not even try to make amends to his acts and that did not go well with Pawan’s followers.

With that being said, Allu Arjun is currently supporting Pawan Kalyan in the ongoing Sri Reddy issue. Allu Arjun joined his Babai at the film chamber this morning an pledged his full support. It needs to be said that mega followers are overwhelmed by the Babai-Abbai reunion.

The main question is what was Allu Arjun even thinking while speaking about Pawan Kalyan in the public initially. He should have stayed a bit obedient and could have avoided all the heat. All in all, the mega family is standing by Pawan when he needs them the most.