Published On: Jun 2, 2018 4:43 PM IST

What on earth are the makers of Nela Ticket trying to do?

Ravi Teja’s latest comedy-drama, Nela Ticket got off to a disastrous start and is already out of theaters in majority area. The movie failed to register even decent openings in many areas, owing to the weak promotions and low buzz on the movie. The movie was bashed for its weak and outdated content that literally got into the nerves of the viewers.

The latest news is that the makers of the movie have held a success meet event, calling it a Janam Mechina Cinema(A movie that is being praised by the public). What on earth are the makers trying to do by holding a success meet event for a movie that received extraterrestrially poor reviews and dull word of mouth?

Promoting a movie by holding a few innovative events is fine, but holding success meet events is like a rubbing on a wound for a movie like Nela Ticket. As expected by many, the makers are being trolled for their silly move. Another interesting point is that Ravi Teja did not attend the event, but we could see a few hoardings of the director of the movie, Kalyan Krishna. It looks like the director is hoping to rake up some attention as he was heavily criticised for his poor work in the movie.