Published On: Jul 24, 2018 2:35 PM IST

What is YCP trying to do?

Andhra Pradesh opposition party, YCP has been receiving below par marks as the opposition in the state. They failed to put up a strong fight against the TDP government which has failed in many departments, citing reason like no support from the center, and a financial deficit. The situation was so worse that Nara Lokesh, the political heir of Chandrababu, said that YCP has been failing as the opposition in the state.

On a contemporary note, YCP has called for a bandh in Andhra Pradesh today. The party leaders have taken this call seriously and making sure that the protest has some sort of impact on the public. As a result, YCP leaders have been obstructing the transport department and forcibly shutting down small-time shops and grocery stores.

It needs to be said that this is a conviction-less move from YCP. What kind of results are they expecting by calling for a bandh in Andhra Pradesh, while they are protesting against the central government that is based in Delhi? These events will cause a dent in the state government but will have very minimal on the central government. It is high time that they come up with more intense plans, targeting the NDA government, opine political followers.