What is this flexi war?

Saturday, April 14th, 2018, 11:20:44 AM IST

The political situation at Bezawada is very heated up currently. The ruling party, TDP and the opposition party, YSRCP have been involved in a heated conversation and led to a tensed situation in Chittinagar area.

TDP leaders have arranged a few flexies at the area for Chandra Babu’s birthday celebrations. However, YSRCP leaders have uplifted a few flexies of their own. Jagan will be visiting Bezawada as a part of his Pada Yatra and that gave a new josh to the YCP leaders. The TDP leaders claimed that YSRCP leaders removed a few TDP banners to make space for their own. Both parties leaders were indulged in war of words and the police officials had to intervene to calm down things.

The political parties have bigger issues like the fight for Special category status and many more governance related problems. It would be better if they concentrated more on public related issues rather than fight for flexies.