Published On: Jun 13, 2018 6:02 PM IST

What is this brainless ‘Turmeric water’ act from political parties?

The latest reports flying in from East Godavari are indicating the Telugu Desam Party leaders have been splattering turmeric water in the areas where Jagan toured yesterday. Apparently, the yellow party leaders have termed this incident as a purifying act, Yeah you read that right, a purifying act.

Sadly this incident occurred even in the past when YCP leader splattered turmeric water in the area where Chandra Babu held Dharma Porata Deeksha. The big question here is, what are the current day politicians aiming to achieve by splattering turmeric water in areas where opponent party leaders tour? What results are they expecting from this brainless act?

It is really sad to see our political leaders holding such inappropriate events that make very little sense. The best we can do is hope these kinds of incidents do not repeat in the future.