Published On: Jun 13, 2018 2:36 PM IST

What are you trying to say, Pawan Kalyan?

Janasena chief, Pawan Kalyan is known for going a tad overboard when making aggressive statements on the political parties in Andhra Pradesh. Pawan’s followers find a new josh after their favorite leader makes some fierce allegations and portrays heavy emotions.

Speaking at a recent event, Pawan said that he could see a lot of soul-force in the people of Uttarandhra region. Interestingly, Pawan stated that he could see Veera Telangana movement intensity in this region. Well, why is Pawan Kalyan trying to emulate the fighting nature of Uttarandhra by comparing it to that of Veera Telangana?

A few people are confused by Pawan’s comments as they are finding it tough to crack his intentions, while a few people are firing on Pawan for comparing them with others. We have our own identity and prominence. Pawan’s comparison acts are simply exaggerated statements, said a few people from Uttarandhra.

It would have been better if Pawan clarified his statements instead of leaving loose ends and confusing people.