Published On: May 22, 2018 3:40 PM IST

What are you trying to say, Jagan?

Andhra Pradesh opposition leader, YS Jagan is currently in Thadepally Gudem as a part of his Praja Sankalpa Yatra. As he normally does, Jagan went on criticising Chandra Babu and the way TDP government has cheated the Telugu people for the past 4 years. However, Jagan came up with a confusing statement on the Kapu community.

During 2014 elections, Babu said that the TDP government will be giving special reservation for Kapu community. This stunning move worked wonders and attracted the voters towards the party. However, Babu failed to allot the special reservation and had to face the heat from Mudragada Padhmanabham, a prominent Kapu leader who went on a hunger strike regarding the issue.

Interestingly, Jagan said that he will be providing twice the amount of welfare schemes for the Kapu community if YCP comes to power. Does this mean that Jagan will be allotting the reservation to the community? or Will he bring in other schemes that can benefit Kapu community? Political experts are scratching their heads over Jagan’s statements. It would have been clearer if Jagan revealed his plan instead of making a random statement.

Another interesting news is that Jagan did not utter a single word about the sitting MLA Manikyala Rao, who belongs to BJP. Even this incident is raising a few doubts about the friendship between YCP and BJP.