What about your Twitter bio, Allu Arjun?

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018, 01:56:29 AM IST

Tollywood Star hero, Allu Arjun is currently one of the most followed actors in South India. His movie collects on par with native Malayali movies in Kerala. This speaks a lot about the craze Arjun enjoys in South Indian states.

On a contemporary note, the makers of Naa Peru Surya have released a dialogue impact on the hero’s birthday. In the video, Arjun says that there is no North India, no South India, neither are East and West. There is just one India. This dialogue is currently doing rounds on social media.

Here comes the interesting part, Allu Arjun’s Twitter bio reads ‘South Indian actor’. Netizens are making the most out of this happening and are trolling the actor for his patriotic dialogue in the movie and a contrasting bio on social media. It would be interesting to watch team Allu Arjun’s reaction for this.