What about our Rs.15 lakhs, Modi?

Tuesday, April 24th, 2018, 05:40:27 PM IST

Prime minister of India, Narendra Modi could garner huge attention during the 2014 elections. The BJP registered a thumping victory and formed the government with no real challenge. However, things have taken huge twists and turns since then. Many people felt that the larger than life implementations( Demonetization, and GST ) have not been executed well, pushing the general public into discomfort.

During 2014 elections, Modi said that the BJP government will be eradicating corruption and bring back all the black money from foreign countries. Modi added that the government will be giving back all the recovered black money to the public by depositing Rs. 15 lakhs in every citizen’s bank account.

However, there has been no news regarding this promise for the past 4 years. It needs to be seen if Modi will live up to his word and deposit the mentioned figure in our bank accounts.