Published On: Sep 14, 2018 2:05 PM IST

Weird : TDP leaders demanding BJP to arrest Chandrababu

TDP senior leaders Varla Ramiah and Prathipati Pulla Rao were seen throwing heavy challenges to the BJP government. They have been urging the BJP high command to arrest Babu if they have they have the guts.

It is already known that the Maharashtra high court has issued an arrest warrant against Babu for protesting against Babli project in 2010.

Well, it looks like the TDP leaders are aiming for the sympathy factor if Babu gets arrested in this case. However, these kinds of cinematic challenges used to work big time in the past but that is not the case now.

Babu is already involved in the cash for vote case in Telangana and he can be served the CBI notices anytime. Also, he is involved in various other cases which can come back haunting him.

With under a year left for the general election in AP, TDP forces cannot afford any slip-ups. It needs to be seen if the TDP leaders will acknowledge this fact and work accordingly.