Published On: May 23, 2018 7:13 PM IST

We will be the king, not the kingmakers

M Kodandaram is considered as one of the most prominent leaders from Telangana who fought tirelessly for the separate state. It is well-known that he recently established his own political party, Telangana Jana Samithi amidst huge political attention. Speaking about his party, Kodandaram made some interesting comments about the future prospects.

Interestingly, Kodandaram said that TJS will be a strong political party and will have enough power to form the government. He said that everyone should shrug off the opinion that TJS will be the kingmaker during the 2019 elections. He added that TJS will not be the kingmakers, it will be the king in Telangana. He meant that the party will not be the sidekick to any party and will form the government on its own.

Kodandaram stated that the party will not be forming an alliance with any other political party and will be contesting alone. Well, these are some strong claims just before the 2019 election. It would be a tough task to overpower the ruling party, TRS and a resurgent Congress party. TJS will need to have great support from the public if it is to form the government on its own. We should wait and watch if Kodandaram’s comments can cause any ripples in Telangana politics.