Published On: May 24, 2018 6:04 PM IST

Two senior leaders skip TDP’s ‘Festival’

It would only be fair to say that TDP leaders and supporters see Mahanadu more like a festival than a political event. We normally see TDP leaders making grand slam arrangements for Mahanadu no matter where it is held at. The event is graced by yellow party fans and followers from all parts of the Telugu states.

It has already been reported that Telangana Mahanadu is set to be held today at Nampally exhibition grounds, Hyderabad. The preparation works have already been completed and Chandra Babu is expected to reach the location by 2 PM. However, the latest news is that two senior leaders from the party will not be attending the event.

As per reports, Motkupalli Narasimhulu and MLA R Krishniah will not be attending the Mahanadu for reasons best known to them. Motkuapalli has been distancing himself from the party activities for a while as he is feeling that the party high command is neglecting him. On the other hand, Krishniah is in a mindset that the party is not offering the same level of support to the welfare of BC community as it promised during the 2014 elections.

The party leaders are drawing conclusions that both the senior leaders will be quitting the party soon and that will come as a big blow to the party in Telangana. We can expect further clarity about the future of these leaders soon.