Twitter talk : We need numbers, not names

Wednesday, April 11th, 2018, 02:48:03 PM IST

Sri Reddy is currently the talk of the town in Tollywood. The struggling actor took a strong stand against casting couch issues and demanded that Telugu actors should get more prominence than North Indian actors.

The actress has been revealing names of popular personalities who cheated her. She has already revealed Whatsapp conversations with Indian Idol Sri Ram Chandra, Abhi Ram( Rana’s brother), and comedy artist Viva Harsha.

However, the netizens are saying that a phone number can be saved with any name on Whatsapp. What is the proof that she is sharing transcripts of the actors? She should reveal the phone numbers, only then we can validate that she had conversations with them.

It needs to be said that the netizens have a valid point here. With that being said, she recently leaked a few intimate photos of her and Abhi Ram.