Published On: Jun 2, 2018 11:09 PM IST

Twitter talk : Galla to jump into YCP

Twitter stands as a great platform to share the latest happenings and current affairs around the world. Also, the social media platform is used as a great source to deliver breaking news before it surfaces on the internet. One such update about the politics in Andhra Pradesh is currently the hot topic on Twitter.

Going by a few reports, TDP leader, Galla Jayadev is ready to call it quits for TDP and may join the opposition party, YCP. Jayadev has been a key figure for TDP during the fight for special status in the parliament as his vocal capabilities came in handy for the TDP protests. However, the senior politician is in a dilemma about his future as he has come to a conclusion that the chances of TDP making it to power in 2019 are very bleak.

Also, there are rumors that Jagan may join hands with BJP after the 2019 elections and bring in special funds for development of the state. If this turns to reality, TDP will find it tough to sustain in Andhra Pradesh politics. With all this in mind, Galla has decided to join YCP and he may not find it tough to join the party as his mother, Galla Aruna Kumari shared a good rapport with Rajasekhar Reddy and that will act as a softner move with Jagan.

Interstingly, Galla’s father-in-law, superstar Krishna, is a strong supporter of YS Rajasekhar Reddy and Jagan. Krishna can play a key role in the whole process if needed. We should wait and watch if Galla will join the party which he heavily criticised a few months back