Published On: Jun 12, 2018 3:16 PM IST

Trump-Kim meeting: What really happened in 38 minutes?

The entire world has been eagerly waiting for June 12th and there is a very valid reason behind it. The president of the United States of America and the president of North Korea, Kim Jong Un finally sat down for a meeting in Singapore. The Iconic summit attained huge attention as this is the first time these powerful leaders are meeting each other. Reportedly, the meeting lasted for 38 minutes and various issues were addressed by both the leaders.

The relationship between the USA and North Korea has not been in the best of phases as the leaders have been exchanging threats about nuclear attacks. The war of words lasted for over a year and the entire world was looking into the issue as these two extremely volatile leaders had access to nuclear power which could potentially change the phase of the planet.

After the meeting, Donald Trump spoke to the media, saying that the meeting went really well and added that the relationship between the nations will be strengthened significantly. Going by a few reports, Trump and Kim signed a very important document, most probably regarding the nuclear weapons these countries possess. However, there is no further clarity about what all issues came into the discussion, said a few sources.

Reacting on the meeting, Chinese foreign minister, Wang Yi termed the summit ‘Historic’ and called for a full denuclearization. He further added that world leaders should aim for global peace to attain prosperity.