TRS plans another killer move to attract farmers

Wednesday, May 16th, 2018, 10:20:10 AM IST

Telangana government recently introduced Rythu Bandhu scheme through which the government will provide a financial aid of Rs 4000 per acre for every farmer. The government went all in on the scheme and arranged many promotional events and made it look more like a national level programme. The opposition parties started claiming that the government is trying to lure the farmers by bringing in new schemes just a year before the general elections.

The latest news is even more interesting as the government is planning to provide individual insurance to every farmer in the state. As per sources, the TRS government will be providing Rs 5 lakh insurance to every farmer. They are currently preparing a new implementation system in order to quicken the process and make sure that the family receives the money in a short span if they lose the head of the family.

It needs to be said that this killer move from TRS can create a mark for the party in the farmers’ community and can come handy during 2019 elections. Setting aside political gains, these schemes can come a long way in helping farmers and that is very much essential for the progress of the country.