Trailer Talk : Nag-RGV’s ‘OFF’ICER

Saturday, May 12th, 2018, 07:00:49 PM IST

If there is one such director who enjoys a great following even while scoring consecutive disasters, it would most certainly be Ram Gopal Varma. The controversial director scored many memorable blockbusters in the past but struggling to find the rhythm currently.

The main culprit here is RGV’s age-old making style. The star director got stuck to the mafia backdrop and finding it tough to come out of that genre. All his crime thrillers run on a routine revenge track that does not offer anything new to the viewers. Sadly, it looks like he did the same for Nagarjuna’s officer as well.

The makers have released a trailer for the movie today and it needs to be said that RGV failed to keep the viewer engaged even in this short trailer. A few clips have been copy-pasted from the previously released teaser and that further brings down the intensity. The backdrop looks pale and uninteresting as Nag is a strict police officer who sets out on a mission to kill the antagonist.

If Ram Gopal Varma cannot keep the viewer engaged for hardly 2 minutes, how can he keep the viewers glued to the screen for 2 odd hours? We have to wait for few more days to know the answer.