Tollywood heroine’s insane transformation

Monday, March 12th, 2018, 05:27:19 PM IST

Film actresses should constantly keep pushing themselves to stay in fashion. Every aspect of their appearance, right from physique to the apparel they wear, everything is scrutinized by their followers. This adds an extra burden on them to look more dashing and appealing.

The latest celebrity to go through stunning transformation is Tollywood actress, Anjali. The 31-year-old actress is known for her bubbly physique and girl next door performances. However, that is not the case now.

The actress has gone through a complete makeover and looks completely unrecognizable. Her latest photos are surprising everyone as she has lost a lot of weight and looks stunning in every possible way.

It is clear that she has been hitting the gym regularly and burn those extra calories to achieve this feat. Anjali took it to Instagram and posted her latest photos in trendy apparel.

It would take some time for the viewers to come to their senses and believe that these are actually Anjali’s photos. This diva deserves a special applause for the stunning makeover and sheer hard work. Don’t believe us? here is a look at the photo shared by the actress herself.

Fun time playing w the girl in the mirror ✨ #AirportStylesAreBest

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