Tollywood hero reacts to Facebook data leak

Thursday, March 29th, 2018, 03:37:34 PM IST

Social media giant, Facebook is facing the wrath of its users for compromising the data and using it for political purposes. The reports claim that Donald Trump was directly benefited by the user data that was collected from Facebook.

There are rumors that Indian political parties, BJP and Congress are also involved in this data scandal. This issue is taking a toll on the market value of Facebook as investors are not willing to back the company which is currently in neck-deep troubles.

Surprisingly, Tollywood actor, Adivi Sesh has reacted on the issue. He tweeted that deleting Facebook can have no real effect. The company owns Instagram and Whatsapp through which it can collect all the user data as it did with Facebook.

All in all, Facebook will be losing a massive share of its users. Recently, noted Bollywood actor, Farhan Akhtar recently deleted his Facebook account and this is suggesting that many actors will follow Farhan and remove their Facebook accounts.