Tollywood actresses ‘Personal Favours’ – What really happened?

Saturday, June 30th, 2018, 05:40:09 PM IST

It has already been reported that a few actresses from Tollywood are indulged in so-called personal favors in the USA. These actresses have been lured into these disgraceful acts by an Indian origin couple, Modugumudi Kishan, and his wife, Chandrakala.

Kishan, a high-profile businessman sends fake invitations to these actresses in the name of reputed organizations that are deep-rooted in the USA. The actresses are provided airline tickets and accommodations at Modugumudi’s residence in Chicago or a few other hotels in surrounding regions. Then comes the scandalous part, where the Modugumudi couple fixes the rate and duration for these personal favors. A transcript that was self-written by Chandrakala read “3hours, 2 times, $2500” and that pretty much sums up the entire story.

This incident came to light when an actress arrived at Chicago international airport on November 20, 2018, saying that she received an official invitation from noted organizations. Upon inquiry, the security officers found out that these invitations were nothing but tampered and fake documents, bearing the name of a Telugu organization in the USA.

It did not take much time for the officers to get hold of further evidence and all the fingers were pointed towards Modugumudi Kishan and his wife, Chandrakala. The interesting part is that the couple themselves were staying in the country by forging visa documents. Their multiple attempts to extend the stay were rejected by the USA officials. However, they created fake visa documents and on top of that, ran an illegal business that could potentially land them in jail.

It is being heard that the airport authorities in the USA have taken this issue seriously and are cross-checking the details of each and every actress, who is claiming that she is from the Tollywood film industry.