Published On: Jun 14, 2018 3:36 PM IST

Tollywood actresses ‘Personal favors’ in Chicago

The latest reports flying in from Chicago are claiming that a few actresses from Tollywood are lured into lets terms it ‘dating’. Kishan Modugumudi, a high-profile businessman from India who has connections with the Tollywood film industry has been attracting actresses by offering them money in exchange for personal favors for his so-called clients.

Kishan and his wife Chandra charge up to $3000 dollars for a deal(Arranging a date between actress and client). These actresses arrive in the country with temporary visas and are forced to stay longer than expected if the demand is high. All these activities are being carried out in an apartment building, West Beldon, Chicago, read a 42-page report submitted by federal officials.

During the investigation process, feds found a number of condoms sealed in plastic bags. Also, various Emails that were exchanged between these actresses and Kishan regarding their interests and of course, a few emails pleading him not to contact them anymore. Kishan used to threaten the victims by saying that he will leak this information to their families if they approach the police, reported the feds.

Many currently-inactive heroines who had mildly successful careers in Tollywood are also involved in this scandal, said a report.