Those 7000 votes stopped BJP from forming the government

Friday, May 18th, 2018, 02:53:34 PM IST

It has already been reported that BJP fell 9 members short of the magic figure(112 MLAs) and overcoming the deficit is becoming a daunting task for the party. The party is currently having 103 MLAs on its side and needs at least 9 MLAs to form the government in Karnataka. As Yeddyurappa has already taken the oath as the chief minister, it would be an utter humiliation if the national party fails to gather enough support.

A few political experts have come up with an interesting statistic, saying that just 7000 votes that have been polled against BJP are stopping the party from forming the government. BJP lost a few close fights with 213 votes, 555 votes, 634 votes, and similar figures in 9 constituencies. Had these 6700 odd votes been polled in favor of BJP, the scenario would have been totally different from what it is now.

Here is a detailed breakdown of the close calls where BJP lost the MLA seats by small margins.

Maski – 213 votes
Hirekerur- 555 votes
Kundagol- 634 votes
Ellapur- 1483 votes
Badami- 1696 votes
Gadag- 1868 votes
Srungeri- 1989 votes
Adhani- 2331 votes
Rural Bellary- 2679 votes