This man-lady fight is concerning TDP

Monday, April 23rd, 2018, 10:32:26 AM IST

The current political scenario in Kurnool is troubling the party supremo, Chandra Babu as the ongoing rifts between Akhila Priya and AV Subba Reddy has crossed all limits.

The latest news is that a group of goons threw stones and sticks at AV Subba Reddy when he was participating in the cycle Yatra. Reportedly, 40 goons were responsible for this act and they left the place in 4 vehicles. AV’s group is claiming that Akhila Priya is behind all this and stated that they will be taking this issue very seriously.

Reacting to this, Akhila Priya said that she is no way involved in the disgraceful act. In the meanwhile, AV stated that he will not leave anyone who is involved in the incident and indirectly hinted that Akhila Priya is the one to be blamed here.

All in all, this man-lady fight has been causing a big headache to Kurnool district TDP leaders as two of their prominent leaders have been proving each other. CBN should look into this issue and set things right as early as possible, opine political experts.