The answer is no, Nara Lokesh

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018, 02:48:48 PM IST

The scion of Nara and Nandamuri families, Nara Lokesh has a lot riding on him. The young politician is destined to helm the TDP president chair in the future and that is a task easier said than done. With such a huge responsibility on his shoulder, Lokesh should constantly push himself to develop a mature and balanced attitude.

However, Lokesh constantly makes headlines by speaking without conviction and lack of clarity on the issue. He refers Jayanthi as Vardanthi and there was an incident where he asked the public not to vote for TDP as it is a caste biased party. The opposition parties refer Nara Lokesh as ‘Pappu’ for the same reason. This shows that the opposition parties are not considering Lokesh as a worthy leader.

On a contemporary note, Lokesh spoke at the Dharma Porata Sabha that was held yesterday. He said that his aim is to stay in politics for 40 years just like his father. He stated that he is not sure if he will have the same level of impact that his grandfather, Sr NTR had or his father, Chandra Babu had on AP politics. If his current state is anything to go by, the answer to these questions is a strict NO.

To his benefit, Lokesh still has the time and support from his party leaders to learn a thing or two about speaking at public events. The quicker he gets things right, the better it is for him in the future.