Published On: Jun 9, 2018 4:41 PM IST

Teaser : Comedian’s desperate attempts to lure Pawan’s followers

Shakalaka Shankar shot to fame with his Srikakulam dialect and emerged as a worthy comedian at a brisk pace. Surprisingly, the actor decided to cut down comedian roles and opted to act as the main lead in movies. His latest movie, Shambo Shankara is slated for release soon and the makers have released a teaser of the film today.

Going by the teaser, it is very clear that Shankar is trying to imitate Pawan Kalyan’s mannerisms and dialogue delivery. Also, his dressing style closely resembles Pawan’s appearance in his previous movies. It needs to be said that the comedian is trying his best to lure Pawan’s followers but his desperate attempts will not yield results if the movie does not have the right content.

It has become a trend to bring Pawan’s reference or using one of his dialogues in movies. This looked fine at first, but repetitive usage and unnecessary elevation have made the imitation process an unbearable affair. We should wait and watch if Shakalaka Shankar can defy the odds and impress the movie-goers with Shambo Shankara movie.