TDP-YSRCP : You get one, we get one

Thursday, April 12th, 2018, 12:03:12 PM IST

With not much time left for 2019 general elections, the political parties have started preparing ideas and strategies to get on top of the opponents. This campaign is proving to be an interesting one as Pawan Kalyan will be playing a key role this time around.

Political experts are saying that the main fight will be between TDP and YSRCP. However, Pawan will be dividing the votes and has a strong backing from the Kapu community. If anything is to go by, people are terming Pawan as the Kingmaker in the following elections.

With that being said, YSRCP strengthened their cadre by bringing in Yalamanchili Ravi, who has a good following in Vijayawada. He left Telugu Desam Party even after prolonged talks with Chandra Babu. Interestingly, TDP reacted immediately and are looking to add Sabbam Hari to their ranks. Sabbam was a close friend of Rajasekhar Reddy and played a prominent role during Congress’s reign in AP. He did not contest in the 2014 elections as he was in a state of political dilemma.

This way, both YSRCP, and TDP score a point each, but the real question is whether Pawan can stand strong against these political big shots.