Published On: May 21, 2018 11:41 AM IST

TDP senior leader: We won’t even win a single seat

Telugu Desam Party senior leader, Veera Siva Reddy made some daring comments on his own party minister, Aadi Narayana Reddy. He stated that Aadi is trying to impose group politics in Kadapa district and that can turn out to be a fatal move for the party. He is a junior in the party and is already daring to speak about me in public meetings, said the senior leader.

Veera Siva Reddy said that the minister is trying to provoke his camp by saying that we should choose the right contestant for Kamalapuram. These statements have resulted in rifts between both the camps as no one expected a senior leader in the party to openly speak about a leader who has been with the party for 1 year.

Speaking about the situation, Veera Siva Reddy said that he coordinated with the party in-charge, Somireddy Chandra Mohan Reddy and complained about the issue to Chandra Babu. If Aadi does not change his aggressive attitude and disrespect towards seniors, the party will find it tough to register even a single seat from Kadapa constituency in the following elections, said the TDP senior leader.

It is an open secret that TDP is struggling with internal wars and CBN has to look into the issue to ensure that there is no further damage.