Published On: May 24, 2018 10:44 AM IST

TDP ready to join hands with Congress?

It is already known that Chandra Babu Naidu visited Bengaluru to attend the swear-in ceremony of Kumaraswamy. This event was graced by various national-level leaders and looked more like an anti-BJP clan which is eager to dethrone the saffron party.

On an interesting note, Babu held private meetings with CPI(M) leaders and Mamatha Banerjee. Also, he shared a pleasant handshake with Congress party president, Rahul Gandhi. Reacting to the incident, a reporter asked if Babu was ready to join hands with Congress party during the 2019 general elections in Andhra Pradesh.

As expected, Babu came up with a twisted reply, saying that he is ready to promote the regional parties in various states. This reply left many people confused as it was in no way connected with the question. When asked for the second time, Babu stated he is very happy as BJP was defeated by the JDS and Congress alliance in Karnataka. He added that the BJP was taught a valuable lesson by the people of Karnataka.

Interestingly, Babu is very determined to see the end of BJP in south Indian states and may give the green signal to an alliance with Congress if it improves their chances of winning in AP. Will Babu come up with an unexpected move to trouble BJP, YCP, and Janasena? We have to wait and watch for a few more months