TDP minister’s intention: Amit Shah deserved it

Sunday, May 13th, 2018, 12:03:40 AM IST

It has already been reported that BJP president Amit Shah’s convoy was attacked during his visit to Tirumala. A few TDP leaders got over excited and started throwing stones at the saffron party leader’s convoy. This incident led to a huge outrage between TDP and BJP leaders.

Speaking about the incident, TDP minister, Ganta Srinivas Rao said that Chandra Babu need not apologize to Amit Shah for the incident. Instead, he said that Modi and Amit Shah should apologize to the people of Andhra Pradesh for going back on the promises they made during the 2014 elections. He further added that it was an unfortunate incident and it had nothing to do with the TDP high command.

Going by Ganta’s words, he is trying to say that there was nothing wrong with TDP leaders attacking the convoy of Amit Shah. In addition, he said that Amit Shah and Modi should apologize to the public. Surprisingly, the minister did not even think of expressing displeasure on the incident and that is raking up doubts that Ganta actually thinks that Amita Shah deserved such reception.

We should wait and watch BJP leaders reaction to the minister’s comments as they have already started protests against the Telugu Desam Party.