TDP minister : Roja should stick to entertainment field

Wednesday, May 9th, 2018, 06:48:35 PM IST

YSRCP MLA, Roja is known for her daring attitude and hard-hitting speeches. The lady politician never backs down when speaking against the ruling party in Andhra Pradesh. With that being said, Roja goes a bit overboard more often than not. She makes aggressive comments that spark rifts between the TDP and YCP leaders.

The actor turned politician recently made some interesting comments on Chandra Babu, regarding the assault on a minor girl in Dachepally, Andhra Pradesh. She said that CBN is not strong enough to decrease the crime rate in the state. She added that staying in the 10th class for 10 years does not prove the seniority of a person. Well, she meant that CBN’s political experience is of no use to the state.

Reacting to these statements, TDP minister Adinarayana Reddy said that Roja should stop speaking about the cm of AP in a degrading manner. He stated that Roja should rather stick to the entertainment field(movies and TV shows) instead of politics. The senior leader said that politics are completely different from movies and Roja should keep that in mind.

It needs to be said that these war of words are nothing new and will just intensify as the general elections are set to be held in 2019.