TDP leader’s ‘Mental’ comments on KK

Saturday, June 23rd, 2018, 09:47:59 AM IST

TDP senior leader, TG Venkatesh made some interesting comments on Telangana Congress leader K Kesavarao. The TDP leader said that KK has lost his mental stability and started making wayward comments on political leaders from opposition parties. No one understands KK’s speeches as he speaks in 4-5 languages at a time. The Congress party leaders call him a retard rather than KK. That is his position in his party, said TG Venkatesh.

The interesting part is that TG Venkatesh started this political brawl to gain support from Telangana leaders and ask them to join the fight for special status. Instead of sticking to his point he went on foul-mouthing Congress party leaders saying that their blood is filled with liquor and alcohol. How can one expect support from other parties when he is using abusive language on their senior most leaders? Only TG Venkatesh can answer this question.

These highly aggressive comments have already caused a stir in Telangana politics and the situation can only worsen from here, said a political analyst.