Published On: Sep 13, 2018 3:30 AM IST

TDP cutting their own throats?

Caretaker minister KCR made severe comments on the rumored alliance of TDP and Congress in Telangana. He stated that it was not surprising that the two parties that tried their level best to stop the bifurcation are now coming together to contest in the upcoming election.

Speaking to the media, KTR said, “The TDP are cutting their own throats by befriending the enemy that has been looting the state for years now. All credit should go to CM Chandra Babu for allying with the party, whose downfall was the primary aim behind TDP’s birth.”

He also opined that this alliance was an advantage for TRS in one way. “This will make it easier for the state people to make the right choice. We are confident that they will vote for their well-wishers and not the parties that have been creating hindrances in agriculture and welfare for several decades now,” he further stated.

He also took a dig at the parties for playing double standards when it came to the early elections. He questioned their defense in the Election Comission when they had passed statements of being ready for the prepolls. The TDP-congress alliance might attract severe criticism from not only the rival parties, but the people as well.