Published On: Jul 30, 2018 9:39 AM IST

Talk : Bigg Boss 2 is a FAKE reality show

The second season of Telugu Bigg Boss has gained all the momentum it wanted, thanks to some unexpected twists and turns. The latest news about the show is that not one but two Ex-housemates made their way back into the house and the main reason behind this is not known to many.

A few reports claimed that Nutan Naidu has been preparing to promote himself through this show with 2019 general elections in mind. He was hoping to build an image for himself, which can help him while he contests in the following elections, said a source. Well, it looks like these reports turned out to be true. Even until the last moment, Anchor Shyamala was in the lead, but all of a sudden, the makers bought in Nutan as well.

Many people are saying that the second season of Bigg Boss is a big fake reality show and it looks like they have a point here. It needs to be seen if the makers will take all this negative response into consideration and stay transparent at least from now on.