Surveys reveal Karnataka’s election results

Sunday, May 13th, 2018, 04:40:01 AM IST

Karnataka Assembly elections were held today and the Election Commission reported a peaceful polling in all the places and the state recorded 70% voter turnout according to the EC and several private surveys announced the results of the elections.

5 of the surveys declared that the Bharatiya Janata Party will come into power defeating Congress’s Siddaramiah. The surveys predicted number of seats that each party will win.

Jan ki Baat Exit Polls: BJP 95-114, INC 73-82 and JDS 32-43 others: 2-3

C-Voter Exit Polls: BJP 101-113, INC 82-94 and JDS 18-31 others: 3

Times Now Survey: BJP 120, INC 73 and JDS 26 others: 3

ABP C-Voter: BJP 101-113, INC 82-94 and JDS 18-31 others: 3

News X: BJP 102-110, INC 72-78 and JDS 35-39

Karnataka has 224 Assembly seats in the Legislature and the polling was conducted for 222 of these. A party needs 112 seats won by majority to form a government in the state. If the surveys were to be believed then BJP has succeeded in making a mark on not only the people of Karnataka but also the nation.