Published On: Jun 9, 2018 11:57 AM IST

Surprise: Pawan scores well in a survey

It is getting harder and harder to predict the amount of impact Janasena chief, Pawan Kalyan will have on 2019 general elections. His political inexperience and the ongoing issues in the state have made it tougher to predict the outcome in the following elections.

Times Group recently held a survey on the political scenario in Andhra Pradesh and the public opinion on the TDP government. Interestingly, over 57% of the participants said that they are not satisfied with Chandra Babu’s governance as the chief minister of the state. Also, 67% of the participants opined that Nara Lokesh is getting more active in the party affairs.

As expected, a majority of the participants said that Babu has failed miserably in bringing special status, Amaravati developments, and provision of government jobs. Well, this makes it clear that TDP government scored below par marks in their 4-year tenure. Another interesting news is that 42% of the voters said that they will vote for Jagan if elections are held on an immediate notice. 30% said that they will be voting for CBN while 20% felt that Pawan is the right option.

The striking point is that Pawan came close to Chandra Babu even before Janasena released the contestants’ list. These are surely worrying signs for the yellow brigade.