Published On: May 19, 2018 12:55 AM IST

Supreme Court’s decision to turn the tables?

The Supreme Court’s decision came down hard on the BJP as it brutally decreased the time period assigned to the party to prove its majority from 15 days to one day.

After it emerged as the party with the single largest majority, the Karnataka governor invited BJP to form the government and gave the party a time period of 15 days to prove its majority.

This did not go well with the opposition parties who filed a case in the Supreme Court terming it to be an unjust way to choose the government. In lieu with this petition the SC on Friday ordered a floor test to the BJP to prove their majority by 4 pm tomorrow.

The BJP is short of 8 seats to form the government but attaining the support of 8 MLAs from the opposition parties is no easy task and it is termed impossible to garner support in one day by many. Can the BJP retain its power by proving its majority or will it make way for a JDS-Congress government in Karnataka?