Published On: May 19, 2018 10:35 AM IST

Stop saying what Babu did, start saying what you will do, Jagan

Andhra Pradesh opposition leader, YS Jagan is currently a busy man, preparing strategies for the 2019 elections and allotting the MLA and MP tickets to party leaders. He is looking to go all in on the following elections to make sure that YCP comes to power at any cost.

Jagan amassed a huge following through his Pada Yatra and that comes as a major bonus to the YCP chief. During the yatra, Jagan’s sole aim is to defame CBN and it needs to be said that people are fed up with these continuous hate speeches. Everyone is aware that the government is struggling with lack of funds, resulting in below par governance and administration. Jagan’s repetitive speeches and beaten to death plots are not having the same level of impact, as they had in the past.

It would be a fair option for Jagan to speak more about his party’s agenda and the welfare schemes he would implement if he comes to power. This will send out positive signals to the public and create an impression for YCP. Jagan should keep in mind that YCP is the opposition party and not an anti-TDP party. He should be focussing on YCP’s future rather than TDP’s past, opine many people.