Stop blaming the public, Congress

Thursday, May 17th, 2018, 12:32:24 PM IST

In an interesting incident of sorts, Congress party leader, Siddharamiah started criticising the public for choosing BJP over Congress party. He said that people did not acknowledge the fact that the Congress party has fought for them and offered great governance for the past 5 years.

On an emotional note, Siddharamiah said that the people of Karnataka have opted to support caste based politics over meaningful governance. He added that the party implemented many schemes to ensure the welfare of the state, but they ended up on the losing side. Well, people would have stood by Congress if they were really worth it and there is absolutely no need for Siddhramiah to foul cry on the public. People of Karnataka were looking for a change and that is a natural prospect in democracy. Questioning the concept of democracy as a whole is nothing but showing signs of weakness.

The fact that the Congress party chief ministerial candidate Siddhramaiah had to face the scare of his life in both the constituencies that he contested from, shows the amount of trust people have on the party. Criticising the public for voting to other party is not the right strategy after losing the elections, opine many people.