Star heroine wears jacket worth Rs. 90,000

Tuesday, April 24th, 2018, 03:23:43 PM IST

It is widely known that Bollywood actors are used to a lavish lifestyle. Owing to the market these actors have, producers don’t back down to pay these popular actors lump some amounts. One such glamour diva who charges hefty amounts is Deepika Padukone. Industry grapevine is that Deepika charges something around 10-12 crores as remuneration.

With such huge income, there are very few budget compromises Deepika has to make and clothing is most certainly not one of them. Apparently, the actress was seen wearing one of the most expensive jackets out there as she donned a trendy jacket from the iconic Burberry brand.

Fashion experts are claiming that the jacket is worth close to Rs. 92,000. Surprisingly, Deepika wore a men’s jacket and that is raising more doubts that she spent some quality time with her actor boyfriend, Ranveer Singh.