Published On: Jul 25, 2018 11:03 AM IST

Star hero rejects Jagan’s role in Yatra

Kollywood star actor, Surya is a known face to the Tollywood audience and he has built himself a strong follower base over the year. In an attempt to bank on his popularity, the makers of Yatra have approached him to play a key role in the biopic. Apparently, the director was hoping to rope in Surya for Jagan’s role in the movie. However, the star hero rejected the proposal, citing his packed call sheets.

Another interesting update is that Surya advised the makers to opt for his brother Karthi, who enjoys a decent following as well. The actor was more than willing to take up this role as it can act as a lifeline to him in Tollywood. it is being heard that Karthi will be joining the shoot in a week or two. If this turns to reality, Yatra will get much bigger as the reach of the project will expand to Kollywood as well.

It is well known that Surya shares a close rapport with YS Jagan and that may be the reason behind his key suggestion to the movie unit. The makers are intending to release the movie in 2019 Sankranthi season.