Star hero campaigns for one party in the morning, another party at night

Thursday, May 3rd, 2018, 05:16:21 PM IST

Movie stars campaigning for political parties is nothing new to the public in India. However, the latest incident that occurred in Karnataka elections campaign is shocking many people. A popular Kannada actor named Yash has campaigned in Mysore constituency for both Ramdas(BJP) and Sara Mahesh(JDS). This makes it clear that Yash has campaigned for both the parties in the same constituency.

Apparently, Yash is good friends with Ramdas and Mahesh and could not say no to their request. With nothing much to do, Yash campaigned for BJP in the morning and later attended the campaigning event for JDS at night. Well, this is not a scene that public sees on a daily basis and Yash’s acts have surprised the onlookers.

It has already been reported that the Karnataka polls are set to be held on May 12th and the results will be declared on May 15th. It needs to be seen if Yash can have any sort of impact on the Mysore constituency.