Star director sells own house to make a movie with his son

Wednesday, April 18th, 2018, 10:20:03 AM IST

Star director Puri Jagannadh was considered as one of the most successful and bankable directors in the past. However, his recent track record has been anything but that. Many of his movies were bashed for repetitive content and routine taking. This took the wind off Puri’s sails and he is currently struggling to convince any star hero to do a movie with him.

With nothing much to do, Puri had to sell his own house in Hyderabad to make Mehbooba with his son, Akash Puri in the lead role. Apparently, Puri sold the house for Rs. 20 crores in order to finance the movie.

The movie has garnered enough attention already, thanks to action-packed teaser and trailer. Interestingly, Dil Raju acquired the theatrical rights of the movie for a handsome price. This left a smile on Puri’s face as he got rid of all the distribution and other screening related ruckus.

With that being said, a lot is riding on this movie. Puri is hoping to get back to the big league with Mehbooba and also looking to give a break to his son. Just to let you know, Mehbooba is slated for release on May 11th.